Therapy Direct is a subsidiary of Upstream Rehabilitation, Inc. Upstream owns four companies, all operating in the physical therapy arena providing significant financial and clinical resources to our organization.

Therapy Direct was founded by physical therapists, who know what it takes to return injured workers to their jobs, fully recovered. Our elite network of therapists and care coordinators are so skilled and efficient that our patients average 40% fewer therapy visits than the industry – saving time, effort and, most importantly, saving everyone money.

Through innovation and customization, we will continue to provide industry excellence in centralization of services, best in class physical therapy providers, continuous communication, metric driven results, and cost reduction.

Our philosophy in operating with network clinics is to create mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. When value is created for both companies, we create a long term relationship. Therapy Direct, with our therapist partners, focus on functional improvement and sustained return to work. We collaborate with our network providers and bring together everyone’s expertise to continue to improve our outcomes for our patients and payors.


Formed in 2010, Therapy Direct is a member of Upstream Rehabilitation Corporation, Birmingham, AL. As a member of the Upstream organization we are charged with growing a workers’ compensation network across the country.

Initial growth was focused regionally in the southwest. In late 2012, the decision was made to expand nationally and the resources were to shifted to be applied towards this new effort.

We run a relatively lean staff  by leveraging technology and exploring innovative changes. This allows us to be more efficient, thereby further controlling administrative costs.

We are headquartered in the Chattanooga Metropolitan area.

Mission Statement

Therapy Direct is a national physical therapy network. Our focus is financial and clinical outcomes while delivering excellence in customer service.