Therapy Direct believes in establishing expectations up front to create the smoothest and efficient workflow. By abiding by protocols, we all get the injured worker back to work faster, provide excellent customer service to our clients, and prevent delay in payment process.



Schedule injured worker within 48 hours of receiving referral.


Prescription(s), authorization, patient demographics and instructions will be faxed to Provider prior to the initial evaluation.


After initial evaluation, fax to Therapy Direct a copy of the evaluation within 48 hours of completion to 888-914-6776 or email


All therapy treatment plans must be authorized by Therapy Direct for scheduled treatment to begin. The first follow up treatment visit after the initial evaluation should be scheduled within 48 hours of the evaluation. All approved visits thereafter should be scheduled in a timely fashion to promote prompt patient recovery and return to work efforts.


Treatment notes representing injured worker treatment(s) shall be mailed with invoices to Therapy Direct on a weekly basis.  Bills must be accompanied by notes in order for Provider to receive payment for services rendered.


Progress reports are required bi-weekly, at a minimum of every 6 visits.   All Progress reports must be typed or provided in a legible format.  Each progress report must contain updated objective measures and goals (work specific).  Fax all reports within 48 hours of visit completion.


All aspects of injured workers’ treatments shall be coordinated through Therapy Direct. Any questions regarding authorizations, additional services, discharges or payments should be directed to Therapy Direct. Insurance adjustors or case managers should NEVER be contacted directly.


Reauthorization requests need to be faxed (888-914-6776) to Therapy Direct, and must include the physician prescription for continued services or physician-signed progress report. On the fax cover sheet in the “attention to” line, insert “authorization request”.


If an injured worker does not come to a scheduled appointment, reschedules or changes the appointment, Therapy Direct must be notified by the end of business day.  Phone (888-904-6776), fax (888-914-6776) or email (


A discharge summary shall be completed within 1 week of discharge from services and faxed (888-914-6776) to Therapy Direct.


Bill Therapy Direct at full non-discounted customary rates and NOT the contracted rates. HCFA 1500 or UB-04 are the accepted forms for billing. A hard copy of the medical notes shall be attached with the related billing form.  Billing address:


Therapy Direct

PO Box 915

Ooltewah, TN  37363


Never bill or balance bill the Payor or Injured Worker.


All scheduling, inured worker issues, authorizations and questions should be directed to Therapy Direct, phone (888-904-6776 Option 1) or email (


Billing Questions and concerns should be directed to Therapy Direct, phone (888-904-6776 Option 2) or email (


All DME supplies must be pre authorized. Authorization requests should be sent to Therapy Direct via phone (888-904-6776) or email ( When sending authorization requests, communicate your price and billing code (if available) for the particular item. Therapy Direct will make every effort to respond to authorization requests within 48 hours.


Therapy Direct uses central phone, fax and email to ensure the most prompt responses. If there is ever a need to escalate a concern, please call and request to speak with a manager.